From Rat Race to Head Space – Women Behind the Network – Liz Byrne – Owner MySen Wellness

Foolish, naïve, brave?  Words that could be used to describe stepping away from a 20-year career with some of the world’s largest food companies and a secure, well paid job.  This is exactly what I have done.  

Partly prompted by a re-evaluation of priorities following a change of personal circumstance, but mostly promptly by an itch I needed to scratch to bring more positivity to the commercial world.  Sound corny and purist?  To some maybe.  Yet when mental health challenges are increasingly omnipotent, why not be a force for good and support those who need it?  

I held various marketing and sales leadership roles during my career and those roles consistently included the building of teams, through which I gained much satisfaction by helping others fulfill their potential.  However, the fast-paced environment of the food industry does not always allow for a positive pause in the busy schedule or a moment to check-in with one’s state of mind – an intervention that is critical to enabling one’s true potential to be reached and a vital component for an enduring and successful business.

Having always loved being active and increasingly understanding that self-care is vital for positive mental health, I chose to combine this passion with my knowledge of the commercial environment which has led to my business, MySen Wellness, being created.  I bring simple solutions into businesses (and schools) to promote wellbeing.  I like to call it a small act of kindness provided by the organisation.  A small gesture that has so many positive implications.

I primarily bring massage (neck & shoulder, Indian head, hand & arm) and relaxation yoga to these organisations to enable staff (or students) to have a little time out to quieten their mind and reset so they are better equipped tobe their best selves.  I am part of the jigsaw puzzle of employee benefits and wellness programmes that organisations provide.  The services I deliver make intuitive sense as we all recognise that being stressed is destructive.  In addition, these services bring positive business benefits such as creating a more productive, resilient and loyal workforce as well as providing the individual with benefits too  taking a pause, being still,mentally rebooting.

I live in a small, rural market town not a big city,therefore the pool of local, forwardthinking, employee-focused organisations is small.  I have to work hard and have a flexible approach to build my client base and create a sustainable business.  I am prepared to do this as I have such passion and belief in this type of intervention.  I am off to an exciting start with MySen Wellness with clients smiling and claiming of ‘feeling special’ after my activities.  Whilst this brings much contentment, I am keen to grow and share the positive experiences that other organisations have enjoyed.

At 43 I have accepted who I am, the choices I have made and path I now wish to follow.  I am now owning this and it feels like a super-power.  It is not easy, but if it was then everyone would be leaving the corporate rat race, hence I bring that super-power right to the door of these businesses instead!

If you want to find the missing piece to your organisation’s wellbeing programme, do visit http://www.mysenwellness.com

Positive mental wellbeing is precious. Nurture it.



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