Breaking News – Amanda J. Weir

Breaking News !!!

Younger men are increasingly finding older women more attractive than their younger counterparts!!!

You only have to look at Brigitte Macron whom at 65 is 24 years younger than her husband, who just happens to be the French President. The list goes on you, only have to search the internet for “Older women dating younger men” to see an endless list of celebrity couples with an older female draped on the arm of a younger male beaming with pride, it’s fair to say it no longer looks out of place or questionable.

So why is this?

Apart from the obvious positive traits that come with being mature such as the ability to recite most Carry On films from beginning to end and the less useful ones like wisdom and and finely tund social skills,  older women are taking good care of themselves more so now than ever before. There are hundreds of Over 40 Beauty bloggers out there ( I am just one) all at hand to dish out advice to women striving to look their best in their “prime years” and I say  “prime years” because believe me when I look back at old photographs of myself In my younger years I  say “ Hallelujah “ to the maturity gods because I look better now than I ever did in my 20’s or 30’s.

In reality I spent over two decades experimenting with myself as the subject matter, getting pulled into the latest craze, the next best product, the next best hairstyle, the jump on my band wagon and see how far we can travel before you realise that actually you are merely a sheep… And by this I refer to the act of being herded towards something with a belief of a reward at the end of the journey, happily following others because it’s just what you do when you don’t have a clue.

Then you hit 40 and you start to feel comfortable with who you are, you think less of what other people think and more about what you feel. You know what suits you, you know your skin type, you know what looks good on somebody else might not look good on you.

Style is the child , born from past mistakes and acceptance, beauty is the older sister , wiser , smarter making a statement in an understated way. Belief is knowing one is culturally learnt and the other inate.

I was going to write a full-on blog giving hints and tips beauty , but by the pure nature of the group  @FL@50 it is only befitting that I introduce you to more “Fabulous Female Leaders” .
Therefore may I introduce you to my Top Ten Beauty Bloggers . You may even like to add a comment and direct them to join our group, or you may just want to tell them how much they rock because they do as do you…..

So, in no particular order I introduce: –

1) http://www.rougepout.org
2) Elegantagelessbeauty.wordpress.com
3) that’snotmyage.com
4) http://www.thelavendarbarn.co,uk
5) Thenaugtyfortydiares.com
6) Strandonbeauty.com
7) www. Theawood.com
8) Feelinggoodover40.blogspot.co.uk
9) www. Fortyfiedbeauty.com

As ever.. “Stay curious ,network, share “

Aj x


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