I have never felt like an entrepreneur- I was just following my passion

Anne Merrins – Artist, Owner of The Whitethorn Gallery, Clifden, Ireland http://thewhitethorngallery.ie/

I’m well past 50, 57 to be precise.

I started my business – an art gallery – ten years ago next April. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

I was lucky enough to be able to stay at home with my two boys until the eldest Jamie was eight and Josh was six and a half. Jamie is now off to Trinity in Dublin to study Chemistry and a finer human being you’d be hard put to find. No credit to me!

I suspended my aspirations for my boys – with no qualms – they were my all

But when the recession hit Ireland and my husbands work all but disappeared- I had to try and do something. So I turned my hand to the only thing I knew and cared about – Art – paintings – sculpture.

I paint, and have painted since I was a teenager. I have had multiple solo and group exhibitions. My work has been in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts sales gallery. I won an award in the Royal Hibernian Academy’s annual exhibition in 1992. So not too shabby !

Now I represent artists who I know – without any false modesty – are way better than me.

I choose what I like. I represent people I like. No pre-madonna’s for me! But over the past 10 years I have built up a stable of some of the best artists in Ireland.

I have never felt like an entrepreneur- I was just following my passion – but I see now that it was a brave venture. I have accomplished something that I am very proud of ! Over the next days and weeks I will post and share photos of some of my artist’s work – images after all speak volumes when it comes to art.

Our website is http://www.thewhitethorngallery.ie

If any of you care to check it out I’d be delighted.

Thank you Female Leaders At 50 for launching this wonderful initiative- women do need to support each other.


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